Thursday 20 April 2006

My name is David Lindsay, and...

My name is David Lindsay, and I want to be a Labour MP. I joined the Labour Party when I was 17, have served on CLP GC and EC (and on DLP) since I was 18, chaired my Branch for several years from the age of 19, became a Parish Councillor (in an unusually large and busy Parish) at the legal minimum age of 21, became a primary school governor just short of my twenty-second birthday, and became a comprehensive school governor just short of my twenty-third birthday. I have since been re-elected as a Parish Councillor and re-appointed to both of my school governorships, having served as Vice-Chair of the primary Governing Body. At 19, I was a Ward Sub-Agent in the 1997 General Election, securing an overall majority of the total vote on a four-way split in a traditionally Tory ward. And at 25, I became DLP Secretary, having been a District Group Observer for three years before that. I have only just relinquished that office, aged 28.
Therefore, I should now appreciate the opportunity to make a further contribution, drawing and building upon those experiences, which include a great deal of committee work, of working to deadlines, and of hugely successful co-operation with a very wide range of individuals and bodies. Furthermore, I have always done all of the above while engaged in either or both of full-time paid work and various forms of academic work, as well as numerous other voluntary activities, thus demonstrating, I feel, both my commitment, and my ability to organise my time to optimal effect.
I am a One Nation politician, with an equal emphasis on the One and on the Nation. Therefore, I am a Socialist: I believe in the universal Welfare State and in the strong statutory (including trade union) protection of workers, consumers, communities and the environment, the former paid for by progressive taxation, the whole underwritten by full employment, and all these good things delivered by the partnership between a strong Parliament and strong local government.
I offer the possibility of many years of service in the future. My mixed ethnic background would also add an unusual, but increasingly important, dimension. I reject all talk of left and right within the Party, or of Old Labour and New Labour: I am simply Labour and proud of it.
I wish to be a workers’ MP on a worker’s wage, accepting only the national average salary for full-time work, and donating the rest to political and community causes, and thus rising with the British People rather than above the British People. I should campaign for election on what I firmly believe to be this hugely popular basis.
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  1. This is a somewhat remarkable political testimony, owing much to the manifesto of the British Union, which now has a splendid website all of its own at

    Westminster politics has become little more than a sleaze contest: we need politicians of principle and the determination to provide Britain with a whole new paradigm of public life.

    Is David on his own, or are there others ready to join him? Your contry needs you now.

  2. I'm not sure how seriously vscoles's comments are supposed to be tatken, but, just in case, it is a very odd sort of Mosleyite who is "mixed-race", or who is strongly opposed to "Europe A Nation", or who holds the views set out in my long early post in circulation on the Left, or who wants to grant to citizens of the other 15 Commonwealth Realms (four fifths of them largely or overwhelmingly non-white) the same rights of access to this country as are enjoyed by EU citizens.

    Thanks for the compliments towards the end, though.