Thursday, 7 June 2018

Victory To The Miners

Largely thanks to Neil Findlay MSP, whom I met at Davey Hopper's funeral, there is to be an independent inquiry into the policing of the Miners' Strike in Scotland.

Now, on to the policing of the Miners' Strike in England and Wales. And on to the Government's raiding of the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme.

The SNP, a basically Thatcherite party that nevertheless depends on a certain radical chic for a section of its appeal, has been frightened a bit by the emergence of a very different Labour Party in Scotland, the party of Neil, of Richard Leonard, and of Jeremy Corbyn.

Similarly, even in government, a Corbyn-led Labour Party that would still include large numbers of Blairite or Kinnockite MPs would need to be kept on its toes on issues such as these, by MPs who had no such ties.

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  1. Howling at the moon lunacy

    1. SNP, I assume. You are so used to the monolithically Nationalist media in Scotland that you cannot cope with anything else.