Friday, 29 June 2018

National Service, Indeed

Conscription, eh? This, remember, is "the centre ground".  Support for never-ending global war is the mark of "moderation". To be opposed to it, from a variety of political positions, is to be an "extremist".

But I'll say this for Emmanuel Macron's revival of something that in Britain was abolished by the Conservatives: for so long as Donald Trump was the President of the United States, and there is no way that this dotty scheme is going to last much longer than that, then it will at least be National Service.

That is to say, it will be in the service of France. Tony Blair, by contrast, wanted to conscript this country's least accomplished 16-years-olds directly into the IDF.

But there is nothing to stop people from joining the Armed Forces. If they struggle to recruit, then they need to ask themselves why.

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