Thursday, 28 June 2018

Intelligence and Security

What is Madeleine Albright doing in my country, never mind on my BBC? On the first point, although arguably not on the second, we have to put up with Tony Blair, because he is one of ours. But we do not have to put up with this.

Speaking of Blair, of course everyone always either knew about the abuse of detainees, or could have guessed. That remains the case even though the Americans have ordered the redaction of a report of a British parliamentary committee. Had I been on that committee, then I would have published the lot, and taken the consequences.

Yes, there does need to be a public inquiry. There also need to be one or more criminal trials. If there is enough evidence to charge me (which there is not, but for the sake of argument), then there is easily enough to charge Blair and others. 

Does it just need to someone to make a formal complaint to the Police? I am prepared to be generous on this one and hand it over to the sitting MP for North West Durham, since she is apparently the great hope of the Left. She has until five o'clock on Monday afternoon, which is more than long enough, to tweet that she has done the necessary.

Or I will.

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