Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Minority Report

Imagine that every MP who ever tried to become a member of the Health Select Committee did so in search of employment in the private health sector, or with private suppliers to the NHS.

Yet every MP who ever tries to become a member of the Defence Select Committee does do in search of employment in the arms industry. Hence, that Committee, unanimously and across four parties, can demand a 50 per cent increase in what is already the largest Defence budget in Europe, but no one bats an eyelid.

Each Select Committee should have 15 members, elected by secret ballot among MPs: five from the governing party, five from the Official Opposition, and five from everyone else. After all, we are going to have hung Parliaments for a long time yet. Take it from the man who uniquely predicted this one. (I also uniquely predicted George Galloway's by-election victory at Bradford West in 2012. I have a hunch that we might soon see why I feel moved to mention that.)

Each MP would vote for up to one candidate, and the highest scoring five would be elected. Once there, even one member of a Select Committee will be given full opportunity to question whoever appeared in front of it, and full resources to prepare minority reports. Ah, yes. Minority reports. Even if only one member wanted to prepare one.

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