Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Smell The Truss

What will be the most abiding, and the most influential, effect of the EU referendum? It will be, and it already is, the suspension of collective responsibility. That has never come back. This side of a change of Government, it never will.

Can you think of anything more ridiculous than Gavin Williamson as Prime Minister? Yes, Liz Truss as Prime Minister. Yet they are both actively seeking the job.

Truss is one of those thick as mince, but privileged as hell, fresher girls who, if you point out her lack of intellect, will set her even thicker boyfriend or her daddy onto you. She openly slept her way into Parliament.

Yet she and the completely preposterous Williamson as vying to become Prime Minister. Quite possibly this year. Give that a moment to sink in.

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