Monday, 4 June 2018

EU, What A Night

12th June, and on into 13th, is going to see Parliament as it used to be, before the need for scrutiny gave way to the need to be home in time to bathe babies.

But it is becoming increasingly clear, alas, that we are never actually going to leave the EU. All that the Remain side has to do is outwit its own designated supporters of Brexit. Similarly, all that Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Junker, from the rather more cerebral right-wing traditions on the Continent, have to do is outwit David Davis, who does not really believe in Brexit, anyway.

This is why, even after having swung the referendum, the pro-Brexit Left, which has seen through the EU from the start, is still denied a platform. It is not as entertaining as Jacob Rees-Mogg to people who like that kind of humour. And it is vastly more difficult to beat on the issues, because it knows what they are.

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