Thursday, 17 May 2018

Cross Out?

Wikipedia has banned "Philip Cross", and his previous Twitter account, @PhilipCross63, has been deleted. But @Wikipedianhidin bears more than a passing resemblance to him.

Oliver Kamm was born in 1963.


  1. You are mistaken. Wikipedia has not banned Philip Cross. He voluntarily took leave of his account, but it's still active, not blocked or banned. He also changed his Twitter user name & bio from @philipcross63 to @Wikipedianhidin, but otherwise it remains identical.

    1. Oh, no, it doesn't. I was blocked by @philipcross63. I am not (yet) blocked by @Wikipedianhidin. It is a different account, although of course it is clearly still him.

      "He voluntarily took leave of his account"? Let's just leave that one there.

    2. @philipcross63 cleared his Twitter block list prior to the user name change. Others previously blocked have also noted they are now unblocked. The point is, his account is still active, albeit under another name. And, yes, Wikipedians are free to discontinue editing of their volition. There is no evidence that he has been disciplined in any way by Wikipedia.