Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Absolute Boy

Why was the focus on David Miliband?

Nicky Morgan was in the Cabinet more recently than Nick Clegg, who was in it more recently than Miliband. Clegg was more senior. Morgan is a sitting MP. Morgan and Clegg still live in this country. When Miliband was in British politics, then he was a joke. Just why are the media so obsessed with him? 

Well, they have doubts about aspects of Morgan's social policy record, and about one rather large aspect of Clegg's foreign policy record, as well as about his party's defence of civil liberties in the Blair years. But Miliband is the full package.

He is an uncompromising neoliberal global capitalist like the other two, he is a liberal fundamentalist socially, and he is a merciless hawk on foreign policy and on the related civil liberties issues, complete with the complicity in torture to prove it.

The complicity in torture, and the not unconnected record on Chagos as shameful as anything to do with Windrush or with Grenfell Tower.

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