Thursday, 31 May 2018

"But Anyone Can Become A Muslim"?

Anyone can become a Jew, too. There is no form of Judaism so Orthodox that it is impossible to convert to it without any Jewish background whatever. Muslims deserve the same protection as Jews or anybody else, and vice versa. The tenets of Judaism deserve no more protection than those of Islam or anything else, and vice versa. And that is before mentioning Zionism, a secular political ideology like any other.

If Islamophobia does not exist, then nor does anti-Semitism. The Conservative Party does have a larger problem with Islamophobia than the Labour Party does with anti-Semitism. In fact, it has a larger problem with anti-Semitism as well, but its supporters have been successful in recent elections to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and its own remnant of an operation in London now trades under the assumed name, "the Jewish Leadership Council", so that fact receives little publicity.

As for Bob Blackman, he blocked the Freedom of the London Borough of Brent for Nelson Mandela, he fought through the courts to stop an acknowledgement that that proposal had received a simple majority even if not the necessary two thirds, and he now battles for the legal right to engage in caste-based discrimination, which the last Labour Government outlawed, but which this lot has relegalised. In such good causes, he serves on the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee, as well as on the Procedure Committee and on the Backbench Business Committee. Labour Party members have been expelled for far less than any one of those offences.

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