Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Foreign Interference

The existence of "troll factories" and what have is accepted as a given by our hysterical media, but it is not the Russian Embassy that now dictates the very membership of the Labour Party.

Then there are the publicly funded student unions that are paying to send their members home to the Irish Republic to vote in favour of abortion. One such is at Oxford, which probably admits more people from what will turn out to be the Yes-voting parts of that depopulated country than it does from the great swaths of England and Wales that voted both for Brexit and for Jeremy Corbyn. It undoubtedly admits more from those parts of the United States which voted for Hillary Clinton. (Not that that should put anyone off applying, or accepting a place. Quite the reverse, in fact. Get in there.)

There are also places, and one in particular, that voted both for Corbyn and against Brexit. Oxford's failure to admit very many candidates from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds should be seen in the light of the ease with which it admits them from London, where BAME people are a very high proportion of the population, especially among the young.

Corbynism is the most left-wing mainstream political movement in the Western world, yet it has very rapidly become hegemonic in one of the richest cities on the planet, and it has done so in the face of furious hostility from that city's monolithic media. Only one small ethnic group, and not even all of that, is really holding out. It is doing so on behalf of the Government of a tiny foreign state. That Government's political roots are in viciously anti-British terrorism within living memory, including on the streets of London. And that, pretty much, was where we came in.

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