Thursday, 24 May 2018

"Jeremy Corbyn Has Annoyed Everyone In Northern Ireland"?

The people saying this never objected when Margaret Thatcher upset everyone in Northern Ireland. Upsetting everyone in Northern Ireland probably means that you are doing something right.

In any case, who is this "everyone"? In a short speech, Corbyn has annoyed every party in Northern Ireland, not at all a difficult thing to do. But there is no reason to assume that he has annoyed anyone else. Quite the reverse, in fact.


  1. The DUP now know they’d better stick close to the Conservatives if they are to have any hope of staying in the Union.

    As he would have sold out the Falklands to Argentina, Corbyn wants

    Fewer than one in five people in Northern Ireland want a United Ireland, the latest polls show.

    It was always just the Far Left on the mainland.

    1. Admit it, that was written by a computer program. In which case, you would at least have an excuse.

      Most people on the Mainland have never taken either side in Northern Ireland. But whereas the IRA was a long time ago, the DUP is now. And they don't like it. They don't like it one little bit. They simply do not see it as their own culture in any way at all. Try and imagine an Orange March down your street, and the point is made.

      In any case, even the Hard Right now wants rid of Northern Ireland for the sake of Brexit. It will pay any price whatever for the sake of Brexit.