Thursday, 17 May 2018

Burn For Justice

In the words of David Lammy, "This review is a betrayal and a whitewash. It is unthinkable and unacceptable that so many people can die in a disaster like Grenfell and one year on flammable cladding has not been banned."

To which I can only add that a Member of Parliament is in a position to bring such a ban to the floor of the House of Commons, whatever the Hackitt Review or anything else might have said on the subject.

I fully expect that Lammy will do that, and I wish him every success in doing so. At the same time, my crowdfunding page has been taken down without my knowledge or consent. But you can still email instead, and that address accepts PayPal.


  1. Lammy has played an absolute blinder on Grenfell, and another one on Windrush. What a star. Nominated Jeremy for Leader, nominated Diane Abbott in 2010, even George Galloway says he would have made a great Mayor of London. He might yet.

  2. There are people who hate Lammy over Brexit and then there are normal people who want to burn out eyes or cut off their ears whenever they see or hear the word "Brexit".

  3. Lammy’s real “burning” passion, so to speak,, is lobbying on behalf of a foreign power to keep us under Continental rule.

    When he’s not lobbying on behalf of the 1 million illegal immigrants and 3,500 foreign criminals still here who don’t seem to have been put off by the alleged “hostile environment” (haha).

    In any other country, Lammy would be called a traitor.

    That’s what he is.

    1. No, dear, he's just black. Say the word. Black. And 100 times cleverer than you with it.

      The Government itself has given up on Brexit. Actually, no. It never even began to care about Brexit, but it has now stopped pretending that it ever did.

      I voted Leave, and I would do so again. But the whole issue is back in its box again, along with the people who care all that much about it. Watch them howl their impotent rage from the audience on Question Time tonight. Things are back where they were five years ago.