Saturday, 3 February 2018

Rallying Point

Political violence is normal in Britain. It always has been. Daniel Hannan's disbelief on Twitter today echoes his astonishment, in the Blair years, to discover that the Police attended political demonstrations in some numbers and could be quite heavy-handed with the participants.

As to this latest incident, of course the first punch was thrown by a Moggy. And of course he threw it at a woman.

Ham-faced and polyester-shirted, he is the type of ranting Rightist that gets into the Question Time audience half a dozen times when it is extremely difficult to do so even once, and is then repeatedly called to speak, often because he shouts so loudly over everyone else, while people not known to the producers (or known to them for the wrong reasons) sit forlornly with their hands up throughout the entire programme.

Jacob Rees-Mogg may not have intended to be the rallying point for the ranting Rightists. But he is. And he now knows that he is.

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