Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sold and Squared

Jan Sarkocy, Anthony Glees, Richard Dearlove, Ben Bradley: I ask you! Like Jared O'Mara, Bradley would never have been a parliamentary candidate if his party had had any expectation of winning the seat. Like Gavin Williamson, he pronounces "Prague", if he pronounces it at all, to rhyme with "vague".

But Bradley cannot be sacked, because that would necessitate the sacking of Williamson, who used a far more exalted office from which to attack Jeremy Corbyn, and who quite improperly did so from abroad, but who is Theresa May's anointed successor, as confirmed in today's edition of Re-May-ner Central, the Mail on Sunday, where Peter Hitchens's column is now as much of an outlier as Seumas Milne's would be.

Never mind "a customs union". Never mind the Customs Union. Never mind the Single Market. Williamson was David Cameron's PPS. He is a straight-down-the-line Remainer. And he will be the Prime Minister if anyone succeeds May this side of a General Election. The stocks are sold, the Press is squared, the middle class is quite prepared.

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