Saturday, 24 February 2018

Oh, Dearlove

A new low from the Daily Telegraph, publishing Richard Dearlove, of all people, in its futile attempt to keep that "Corbyn The Spy" fantasy going even after a week of it has increased Labour's poll lead. Dearlove? Of Iraq? That Richard Dearlove? Alas, yes.

Still, this whole business is at least exploding the myth of the Cold War. Margaret Thatcher and other Western leaders travelled regularly to Eastern Europe, where they had perfectly amicable meetings. The same happened when those countries' leaders came here.

As did things like the Moscow State Circus, which used to play the Royal Variety Performance. Yes, in front of the Queen. Britain was particularly keen on children's television programmes from "behind" the Supposedly Iron Curtain, and not least from Czechoslovakia. Yes, children's television programmes.

At least in sophisticated Europe, there never was a Cold War. For the perfectly good reason that there never was a Soviet military threat to Western Europe. If you doubt that, then take it up with, for example, Professor Sir Michael Howard OM, CH, CBE, MC, FBA.


  1. Where is, or what was, "sophisticated Europe"?

    1. Wherever no one believed that James Bod was real.