Friday, 23 February 2018

Thatcher's Breakfast

And still they bang on about Jeremy Corbyn and, oh, whatever the hell it is supposed to have been. Anything to avoid mentioning that they have been completely sold out on Brexit. I know, let's talk about two countries that have not existed in nearly 30 years, egged on by a man who claims that Corbyn once told him what Margaret Thatcher had had for breakfast.

These hallucinations were the first item on Question Time last night, followed by student bloody fees, only then by the sellout over Brexit, and only after that by the biggest story in the world, the ongoing conclusion of the war in Syria. This is just demented.

By the way, the idea that Hamas and Hezbollah, whatever else they may be, are specifically enemies of Britain, derives purely and simply from the wildly untypical demography of Thatcher's own constituency, which was the bane of the Foreign Office's existence throughout her Premiership.

Before then, while sections of the Labour Party were close to their then-noticeable Israeli counterparts, Conservative Zionism was almost unheard of, with memories still very much alive of the reasons why, for example, my normally mild-mannered father could not look at Yitzhak Shamir on the television. The 200-year-old Tory ambivalence, to say the least, about the United States was also still going strong.

But then along came a Prime Minister who was the MP for Finchley, who was infatuated with the Hollywood matinee idol of her youth who had somehow become the President of the United States, and who, Blair-like, lacked the sophistication to see past either of those. We are still living with the consequences.

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