Saturday, 17 February 2018

Allotted Places

On Jeremy Corbyn and Czechoslovakia, as well as the equally vanished East Germany and the Soviet Union, see here. In 1989, he was one of only five British MPs to support those countries' striking workers against their governments.

Of course Gavin Williamson knows that drivel about how Corbyn engaged in decades of Bond villainy from his allotment will not be taken seriously by any serious person. But not everyone is a serious person.

Tiny though the number of ageing Red Alert veterans and wannabes is, that is the body that would elect the next Leader of the Conservative Party, in the unlikely event that any such election were ever permitted to be held.

As a staunch Remainer, and as the man who knows all about everyone else's sex lives, Williamson expects to be the only duly nominated candidate. But he is hedging his bets, just in case.

That is all that this is. But this is what it is.

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