Tuesday, 27 February 2018


What dividing line? Check out the lack of fuss about Jeremy Corbyn's "betrayal" on semiofficial Conservative sites such as Guido Fawkes. They know what's coming on Friday.

Corbyn's Brexit policy, at least, will be Theresa May's by the end of the week. If she wants to save her job. The CBI and the Institute of Directors have spoken, and the job of a Conservative Prime Minister is to be their mouthpiece. In any case, she wants to be.

No one votes based on this issue, anyway. Did the Lib Dems get 48 per cent of the vote? Well, there you are, then. There is something quite touching about the silly little boys braying that "the North will now vote Tory". Your nannies didn't teach you much, did they?

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