Monday, 26 February 2018

Meeting The Concerns

We all know what Liam Fox means when he says that Theresa May will "meet the concerns" of anti-Brexit Conservative MPs, of whom, of course, she is one.

No one suggests meeting the concerns of the European Reform Group. Why would they? As we await Nigel Farage's valedictory appearance on Question Time, try and remember the long ago days when it was suggested that he was going to be given a peerage, or that he was going to be brought into the Cabinet, or that there were going to be statues of him, or that relations with the United States were going to be conducted through him.

While "a customs union" has always been the policy of both parties, the Customs Union, like the Single Market, is incompatible with Labour's programme, but not with that of the Conservatives. It is, however, one of only two possible solutions to the problem of a hard border in Ireland.

The other such solution suits both parties down to the ground. There would be no more need of deals with the DUP for the Conservatives if Northern Ireland were no longer in the United Kingdom. Watch that space.

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