Thursday, 9 February 2017

Zion's End

The Knesset has no jurisdiction over the West Bank. Until this land grab legislation, it never claimed to have any.

A state incorporating the West Bank, never mind the Gaza Strip as well, would have a permanent Arab majority. 

The Israeli Far Right has some kind of death wish. I honestly cannot see any other explanation. It must be mad. Suicidally mad. 

Even Netanyahu used to say that Israel didn't want those Territories, it just held them strategically. 

The ancient synagogue at Gaza was not required to pay tribute to the Temple at Jerusalem, because it was not part of the Land of Israel.

It just happened to have one of the numerous Diaspora Jewish communities. So there never was any meaningful claim there. 

And the West Bank, or call it whatever you like, is full of Arabs, it has been for a very long time, and it always will be. 

A state made up of that and Israel (which is itself 20 per cent Arab, and growing) would have a permanent Arab majority. 

That is simply reality.

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