Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Peg Or Two

Consider quite how bad Gareth Snell is.

And then consider that even he is going to beat Paul Nuttall.

It would also be worth doing a little feature on the seven people who have so far won the parliamentary elections that Nigel Farage has failed to win.

Where is he now, anyway? He was supposed to become one or more of a Peer, a Minister and an Ambassador.

But instead, he is a shock joke on a radio station that dare not schedule his programme against George Galloway's.

I do understand why George decided not to contest Stoke Central; I know slightly more about that than is in the public domain.

Still, though, it would have been sublime to see him, of all people, deliver the killer blow to UKIP, which will for all practical purposes cease to exist in the early hours of next Friday morning.

If, however, that blow has to be delivered by Snell, then, regrettable though that is, that is how it is going to have to be.

I remain a Leaver. 

But too many of them are bullies who have now reached the stage of demanding the resignation of the Speaker of the House of Commons, even though there is no suggestion that he chairs it anything other than impartially.

They have reached the stage of demanding the removal of MPs who exercised their constitutional right to vote however they saw fit on the floor of that House.

And they have reached the stage of demanding the abolition of the other House of Parliament altogether.

All on the basis of 52 per cent of 72 per cent of the eligible vote, plus what was at best a tenuously connected election result in a foreign country.

It will do them no harm at all to be brought down a peg or two.

Not so much in the cause of EU membership or "Soft Brexit", as in the cause of political debate around the issues that concern the electorate at large.

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  1. As you know Nuttall has just admitted to lying about losing someone close at Hillsborough. He's finished. No one gives a stuff whether a parliamentary candidate is a Remainer or a Leaver except Lib Dems, who were nowhere close to winning Stoke Central in 2015, and Kippers, who were not enough to win there last time. Hardcore Remainers are now in the weirdo bin, and hardcore Leavers are back in it again.