Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Wood For The Trees

Before he took to arboriculture, Michael Heseltine privatised more of the British economy than any other Minister, ever.

It is therefore no wonder that he loves the EU so much.

But what is he on about today?

There has never been the slightest suggestion that people who were already here were going to be kicked out. 

We don't do that if they are from the rest of the world, so why would we do it if they were from the EU?

And the only way to repeal the European Communities Act would be by means of another Act of Parliament, so Parliament already does have the final say.

Well, of course it does. How could it not?

Heseltine does, however, understand that the threat to his own party is from the Lib Dems in dozens of Remain seats in the South, one of which they have already taken in spectacular fashion.

No one, by contrast, is under the slightest threat from UKIP, apart from certain prominent members of UKIP.

Had Jeremy Corbyn not accepted Article 50, which was hardly the most painful political decision that he has ever had to make, then Paul Nuttall might now be the Member of Parliament for Stoke Central.

But instead, Corbyn has killed both Nuttall's career and Nuttall's party stone dead.


  1. Corbyn has played a blinder on Article 50, destroying Ukip and with Heseltine, Europe has always made odd alliances, guaranteeing the right to remain and the final say for Parliament will both be on the face of the Bill when it goes for Royal Assent.

    1. Over and over again, they underestimate Jeremy Corbyn.