Friday, 24 February 2017

It Says It All

Only Lib Dems and Kippers vote in elections based on the issue of the EU.

On that issue, the Lib Dems win more. Which is to say that on that issue, the Lib Dems win anything at all.

Does anyone know what kind of Brexit is favoured by Trudy Harrison? Has anyone ever bothered to ask?

She won based on the future of the nuclear power industry in Copeland. 

Labour's and its Leader's position on that question was misrepresented. But politics can have that side to it, you know.

If she is Hard Brexiteer, then she is in a distinct minority among Conservative MPs.

It is really very unlikely that she is. But if she is, then she will say so explicitly.

If she says something about trusting the Prime Minister to deliver the best deal for Britain, then she isn't.

But it says it all that no one seems to have thought to check, and that quite possibly no one ever will.

It just wasn't considered a question. Well, it doesn't determine the vote of anyone who matters in a Labour-Conservative marginal.

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