Monday, 27 February 2017

Red Pitch

Arguably even German red pitch.

The Conservatives won Copeland by claiming to be, not even "Labour like your dad used to vote for", but "Labour like you used to vote for, not even two full years ago". 

Their pitch is now, not even that they are the Labour Party of Tony Blair, but that they are the Labour Party of Ed Miliband. 

And with UKIP killed off once and for all at Stoke Central, they face no challenge whatever from the Right. 

There now is nothing to the right of State-imposed workers' reps on company boards, of the State's restraint of pay differentials within companies, and of the State's capping of energy prices.


  1. Do you think Heseltine is an inside job? I do. He's not undermining her at all, he's doing what she wants.