Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Clacton Plays The Blues?

Why would they even want him back?

Meanwhile, remember that Michael Heseltine is still a Government advisor, with nobody who is anybody suggesting that his intention to oppose Brexit raised any questions in relation to that role.

He is economically well to the right of Theresa May. And he opposed the Iraq War, whereas she voted in favour of it.

But she got her job, and she got it unopposed, precisely because she was a Remainer.

Anyone who thinks that she and he are not merely pursuing two different aspects of the same strategy, such that his explicit aim is at least her implicit one, is a complete and utter fool.


  1. She won't sack Heseltine. Only Tebbit wants her to, and nobody who matters in the Tory party has cared about him since 1990. But everybody who matters in the Tory party has cared desperately about Heseltine for just as long and they still do.

    1. If that was ever not the case, then it was under Iain Duncan Smith. And look what happened there.