Saturday, 4 February 2017

To The Occupier

If only Chris Spence had been selected at Stoke Central, or George Galloway had put up (although I understand why he didn't).

We'd now be Occupying the supposed residence of Paul Nuttall.

Let's face it, somebody has to.

Nuttall has appeared on television, confessing to a criminal offence.

Why, then, has he not been arrested and, by now, charged?

Not in order to influence the voters. He wasn't going to win, anyway.

But on principle.


  1. This is all an Establishment attempt to block an anti-EU candidate from winning. As Paul Nutall says today: ""Of the four main candidates in this election, I am the only Brexiteer in a constituency where over 65 per cent of people voted to leave the EU.

    “That’s what happens if you see the world through the eyes of London.”

    1. Drivel. He possibly didn't know the law, which is not a defence either legally or politically. But he has confessed on television to having broken it. People do go to prison for this.

  2. You're as stupid as they come if you buy the latest liberal establishment attempt to block the only anti EU candidate in the by-election from winning. This, and the "fake news" claim that he lied about being at Hillsborough, is all mysteriously happening just as he leads the polls in Stoke, a constituency that overwhelmingly voted Leave.

    What a coincidence.

    As Peter Oborns wrote in his column, the EU is notorious for turning MEPs expenses into a slush fund for corruption, yet its mysteriously singled out UKIP MEPs.

    He's right. It's all an obvious Establishment stitch-up.

    1. He is on film, admitting to a criminal offence. He is bang to rights.

  3. You really are that thick. I guess you also don't wonder, like Peter Oborne, why the EU is also targeting only UKIP MEPs when it's expenses are widely abused by everyone. Or why the media is going on about Donald Trump's temporary travel suspension when the Labour Party shares a European Socialist group with the racist Slovak Prime Minister, whom Labour has never criticised.
    Did someone say "Establishment stitch-up"?

    You're like the anti Trump "protestors", dupes of the liberal elite led by such revolutionary "anti establishment" figures as Angela Merkel, Donald Tusk and the Guardian.

    One day you might put down the banners and pause long enough to realise you're all dupes.

    1. Oh, have a lie down. Good, old-fashioned journalism has found him out. Long may it remain.