Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Kiss of Death

Like Diane Abbott, David Davis has been a stalwart defender of civil liberties and, at least latterly, a stalwart opponent of unwise wars.

But he has to go.

And he is not the only one.

Several members of the 2015 intake, mostly women, are members of the Shadow Cabinet.

Yet all the concentration is on Jess Phillips, whose career as a media turn has been founded on an incident of the verbal abuse of Ms Abbott.

Phillips's position is no more tenable than Davis's, and her removal from it is infinitely less regrettable.


  1. Unlike Diane Abbott, he's not a racist.

    She's the most vile person on Labour's frontbench.

    He's a real Tory, a council estate-born grammar school boy who served in the SAS and had a distinguished career in Tate & Lyle before entering politics as a patriot.

    The greatest conservative in Parliament.

    1. See the front page of today's Mail on Sunday. Yes, the Mail on Sunday. He is finished, and I am afraid that he deserves to be. But he is not the only one who does.

  2. Turns out the man in charge of the most delicate set of negotiations Britain has ever faced is a complete oaf.

    Still, by-elections at Haltemprice and Howden, and at Birmingham Yardley?

  3. You would lose any other job for what David Davis has done. He's got to go.

    1. Their leader is Trump now, so they're all oafs.

  4. Davis was the Whip on the Maastricht Bill and he was then made John Major's Minister for Europe, his support for Leave in the referendum was as false and opportunistic as Johnson's and Gove's. It's a sign of how low the Tory Right now is, when he's its de facto leader. Not for much longer, though. He's finished after today.