Monday, 6 February 2017


Attended by all of about a dozen souls, several of whom were members of Momentum, the beleaguered Labour Group on Durham County Council launched its election campaign on Saturday.

More people turned up to the Teaching Assistants' demonstration outside, causing the Leader of the Council, Councillor Dr Simon Henig CBE, to have to escape via a back door.

I do not know whether he has yet dared return to collect his car.

And I cannot imagine how the TAs knew that this event was being held in the local MP's office that is within the Durham Miners' Hall.

Henig stole his position from the Left in the first place, and in May the dead will be avenged.

One Councillor has already announced his intention to "retire" at the ripe old age of 23.

As we were always told, and as I myself used you say, "There'll never be an anti-Labour force here, because it would have to come out of the trade union Left."

Well, now it has done precisely that.

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