Saturday, 4 February 2017

Little Interest

The SWP has done some bad things in its time.

But it has never started a war. It has never voted for a war. It has never even voted against an inquiry into a war.

Yet people who have done at least the second and third of those things are welcomed not merely as attendees, but as organisers and as platform speakers, at anti-Trump events.

And yes, those events are appropriate.

I am delighted that Hillary Clinton was defeated. But she was. What matters now is opposing the wrongdoing of Donald Trump.

That opposition can only be led by those who would have opposed the wrongdoing of that Clinton, just as they had opposed the wrongdoing of the last Clinton and of the two Presidents in between.

In the furore surrounding all of this, the Labour Right has acquired a problematic stepchild of Dickensian or Brontëan proportions.

Little Owen is their problem now, and good luck to them with him.

May they never produce another Leader, or else we should have to take him back, so that he could be the star turn again.

In the meantime, we ought no more to care about the sayings and doings of Little Owen than about the sayings and doings of Little Milo.

And we certainly ought not to care tuppence about the sayings or doings of Little Milo.


  1. And yes, those events are appropriate.

    Why, because the liberal pro-Clinton media supports them?

    Because they hypocritically protest a ban that they never protested when Obama suspends all Iraqi immigration for six months in 2011? Or when 16 Muslim countries banned all Israelis from entering?

    It's a ludicrous protest based on nothing.

    1. It is well on course to change this and several other countries for a generation. Just wait until he comes here. If he ever dares.

    2. Who cares, Anon? Who cares? And to think you thought you'd won. Trump by existing at all has given the left a lease of life that will last for 100 years.

    3. There is no serious chance that the Supreme Court will uphold the ban. He is sabre-rattling at Iran and even Russia after all. Congress, because it is controlled by his own party, is most unlikely to pass his domestic infrastructure programme. All in all, what is he for? Except, of course, to rejuvenate the Left. Not liberalism. The Left, in America and elsewhere.

  2. Peter Oborne's Mail column today reads like you, making the Brexit case by highlighting the racism and Fascism of so many governments and parties on the Continent. But I don't know why he thinks that has anything to do with the popular uprising against Trump's visit. We're leaving the EU, we're not leaving the "Special Relationship", that's the point.

  3. Owen Jones is the epitome of a PC-Naz-Fu*$

    1. I don't know what that means. And anyway, well, it's all very sad.