Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Liberation of Homs

They may be burning churches as they go.

Even including the Church of Saint Mary of the Holy Belt, which dates all the way back to AD 50.

But they are going.

So it is just as well that David Cameron did not take us in on their side, even if he and Theresa May do want to prosecute, and now to render stateless, Britons who did go and fight for his and her own preferred side.

Thank God for Vladimir Putin and Ed Miliband.


  1. The man who dares to say what everyone else thinks, David Lindsay.

  2. Loving your suggestions on Twitter to start calling it Emesa again and put a garrison back in Krac des Chevaliers to keep it safe for ever. You have annoyed all the right people on there tonight.

  3. I have, haven't I? Oh, but they are angry. I mean angry. It is such fun to watch.

  4. You are utterly fearless.

  5. When you have nearly died a couple of times...