Thursday, 15 May 2014

Blond Bomber

Boris Johnson is unfit for public office.

He has admitted that he always knew the case for the Iraq War was a load of rubbish, but that he voted for it anyway.

No doubt this admission is true of many then-MPs, some of whom are still there. They, too, were and are unfit for office.

The Conservative rebellion was proportionately as well as absolutely far smaller than the Labour one.

But the Conservative Party were the Official Opposition, making its failure to oppose an even greater dereliction of duty. (The same is true of the Labour Party, as such, over Libya.)

Has this country ever gone to war without the support of the Official Opposition? I cannot think of a case. The Conservatives could have kept us out of Iraq, as Labour could have kept us out of Libya.

That said, Labour MPs, as individuals, who voted for war while knowing that it was all lies, as most of the general public had no difficulty in recognising, were and are no better than any other MPs who did so.

It is one thing to have been hoodwinked, although MPs ought not be. But this was, and is, something else.

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  1. Chilcot is being stopped because he wants to publish phone records of conversations between Blair and Bush which will prove, once and for all, that Blair lied to Parliament about the timing of and reason for his decision to go to war.