Monday, 19 May 2014

The Lanchester Review: European Election Special

Mike Nattrass MEP, Deborah Harrington of the National Health Action Party, Alan Sked, Godfrey Bloom MEP, Dirk Hazell of the 4 Freedoms Party, Andy Halsall of the Pirate Party, and (with thanks to Brian Denny) the last ever article by the late Bob Crow.

It's all here.


  1. Peter Hitchens revelation in this week's Mail On Sunday is the Story of the European Election campaign.

    The Guardian newspaper and the Tories in secret cohorts against UKIP.

    The liberal Establishment in alliance.

    I'll be taking Mr Hitchens advice-and not The Guardian's-at the voting booth.

  2. That is only a "story" if you were extremely naive to start with.

    And he has not actually advised his readers to vote for UKIP. His article is very carefully phrased.

  3. I see it was Bob Crow's usual.

  4. Well, he went and died before filing his copy, didn't he?

    He did have something of a template, so Brian let me tidy it up for the purpose, since that was what would have happened, anyway.

    Brian was on The Daily Politics today, I am told. I was tied up with one of my day jobs. It should be worth looking up, though.