Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Intent Stated

Today's vote to authorise the withdrawal of British Citizenship by Executive fiat is an immediate warning to everyone who might step out of line.

There is no reason to assume that this pernicious provision will remain confined to those of us who happened to have been born abroad.

In its own terms, there is no reason in principle why it should, nor any way that it could.

Moreover, it is a step towards the stateless world in which no one cares whether Pfizer owns AstraZeneca, the last thing that remains of ICI.

Capital, not country. Consumers, not citizens. Subject to that, all able to go everywhere. But all liable to be removed from anywhere. Even what was once our own soil.


  1. WHY aren't you in Parliament? WHY? It is wrong without you, just wrong.

  2. This is now going back to the Lords. They have held the line before.