Thursday, 4 July 2013

Back On Saturday

I am going to Nottingham this afternoon.

For the Blue Labour Midlands Seminar tomorrow.

See you there, I hope.

See you back here, I guarantee.


Anonymous said...

Blue Labour?

Who still talks about that anymore?

Anonymous said...

The origins of this scandal are simple-I explained them to you months ago.

Labour and the Tories are run by vested interests, because they have to be.

Neither of these two main parties could get a brass farthing in donations from any normal individual.

So they must sell their souls to dodgy millionaires (Bernie Ecclestone anyone? cash for peerages anyone?) trade unions and property spivs.

They have to do this-otherwise they'd have no money.

Because nobody likes them.

David Lindsay said...

Trade union money is precisely money from ordinary people. Union affiliation is just a collection mechanism.

David Lindsay said...

I'll tell you at length tomorrow who still talks about Blue Labour.