Monday, 24 June 2013

You'll Never Walk Alone?

We shall see.

The working-class thing will not really wash. Steve Rotheram, in particular, already balances Luciana Berger very well indeed on that score.

A lot of people might want the former Director of Labour Friends of Israel out of Parliament. But young Morrison might not know that, or who they were, or how to tap them.

Just as well: they have some very deep pockets indeed. He could match Labour pound for pound if he did.

In fact, since spending limits do not kick in until the Dissolution, he could spend the next two years lavishing such cash on local campaigning, far in excess of what Labour could ever spend on one seat, even if it wanted to.

They would let him have it, in order to get rid of her. So just as well that at his age, he is not to know that.

They will have noticed this. But they might be waiting for him to approach them. And I just do not think that he will. He would not yet know how.

That said, even though he has opined that the thought of coalition with the Lib Dems "makes him want to vomit", the Lib Dem Peer and former Leader of the Council whose seat he took announced within hours, possibly minutes, of his press release that there would be no Lib Dem candidate against him.

In a seat where that party took 34 per cent of the vote and came second last time.

Funny how they obviously knew in advance.

Why, they had even squared all relevant local and national committees and so on, in order to give him a clear run. In one day? I don't think so.

There is more going on here. Far, far, far more.

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