Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sont Des Mots Qui Vont Très Bien Ensemble?

Much of this is awful, of course. But, with my emphasis added:

#1) Abortion - As a former foster-mother for 23 children, Michele Bachmann understands that each and every child is precious. During her brief tenure in the U.S. Congress, she has been one of the few members to actually try to honestly fight for the rights of the unborn. A lot of Republicans give lip service to the issue of abortion, but once they are in office they do absolutely nothing about it. The truth is that the United States of America is NOT going to survive if we keep killing approximately a million unborn children each year. Michele Bachmann would be the most pro-life president the U.S. has had ever since Roe v. Wade was decided.

#4) Auditing The Federal Reserve - Michele Bachmann has bravely joined Ron Paul's call to audit the Federal Reserve.

#5) Global Currency - Michele Bachmann is fundamentally against the move towards the creation of a global reserve currency. In fact, she has introduced legislation to protect the status of the U.S. dollar. The reality is that globalism has gotten totally out of control, but both Democrat and Republican leaders have been recklessly pushing increased globalism for decades. It is about time that we had a president that is willing to stand up against globalism and willing to stand up against a global currency.

#6) Wall Street Bailouts - Michele Bachmann was one of the most outspoken opponents of the Wall Street bailouts. Why should countless billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars go to Wall Street elitists who made some big mistakes? The Wall Street bankers certainly are not interested in bailing out those who are losing their homes or their jobs. In fact, the Wall Street bankers are hoarding the cash they received in the bailouts and have decreased lending instead of increasing it. The truth is that the bailouts that both John McCain and Barack Obama supported were absolute madness. Michele Bachmann has been fighting these bailouts, and that is one reason why the Tea Party crowd loves her so much.

#9) Gay Marriage - Michele Bachmann supports both a federal and a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and any legal equivalents. This is very refreshing at a time when even many Republican lawmakers are coming out in favor of gay marriage.

Conservatives are inspired by Michele Bachmann. They respond to her leadership. The truth is that the Republicans have not had a true inspirational conservative leader in the White House since Ronald Reagan. It is about time they had another.

So, abortion as the Number One priority, the GOP castigated for having paid nothing more than lip service to it, pride declared in having joined a campaign led by the favourably name-checked Ron Paul, Republicans no less than Democrats decried for their globalism, John McCain bracketed with Barack Obama in being denounced for having supported the bailouts, Republicans rounded on for departing from the traditional definition of marriage, and very short shrift indeed given to every Republican leader since January 1989.

Everyone except Romney is really only running to be Romney's running mate, and even he is really only running because someone has to while the Republican National Committee waits for 2016 and David Petraeus, a member of the Obama Administration. They all understand this. Well, all of them except Bachmann, anyway...

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  1. She got her LLM from Willam & Mary, maybe she is a closet Loyalist?