Thursday, 23 June 2011

Omni Nunc Arte Magistra

Such as it is, Michael Gove. Such as it is.

For the great man thinks that Shakespeare wrote Great Expectations.

He is also an enormous admirer of Tony Blair, David Cameron, and all those Blair veterans whom Cameron would have appointed to his Cabinet if his party had won an overall majority.

Blair, of course, has never heard of either Shakespeare or Dickens.


  1. Yummy! More, please! Love to watch the boot go in!

    The U.K., a parliamentary twerpocracy.

  2. Is this how you get an English degree from Oxford? Just as well Andy Burnham got his from Cambridge.

  3. Plese provide a link to Gove's comment.

    What's that you say? You can't because you're a fat fantasist who Collingwood laughs at uncontrollabl;y and you've been caught out faking yet again?

    OK, but tell us what it felt like to be sacked from The Telegraph for fraud.

  4. It's on the Telegraph's blog today.

  5. Put my foot in it there, didn't I? So much for trustful reading and wishful thinking!

    Just read Telegraph blog, and it seems Gove attributed Law of Thermodynamics to Newton, not Great Expectations to Shakespeare.

    As a non-scientist, that doesn't bother me at all, but my own gullibility does.

    Groveling apologies to all.

  6. I see your unhinged ex-tutee who thought he could get rid of you for a laugh and got the smack of his swwet little life is here today, he wouldn't know what happened in Collingwood because unlike your, Lord High President of the Senior Common Room, he dare not set foot there. I saw you there yesterday, all suited and booted as ever. College Council I take it. Remind us all about his efforts to get onto that.

    As for the Telegraph, you are better off out of it now that the editor has been sacked from his day job at the Catholic Herald and seems to have told us all why, he knew all along about Kit Cunningham while employing him and he still can't see the problem.

    I know what you are going to say, on topic. Sorry. See you later.

  7. I know, Left-footer. But it's just a bit of fun. Well, for sane people, anyway...

  8. Tom Chivers has a lot to answer for.

    You have written before about the wrongness of artists not needing to know about science when scientists rightly have to know about arts. No post on that in the light of this story?

    And note how "your unhinged ex-tutee" doesn't seem to mind at all a confusion about who wrote a great scientific text.

  9. I'm a bit pushed for time today. Watch this space.

  10. Your ideas for the banks starting to be seriously considered, withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Cameron-Mandelson Government never realised, its Gove enthusiast seeing his silly schemes go down the same drain as the one to dismantle the NHS, the eurozone falling apart, Kamm exiled behind the Murdoch pay wall, Thompson sacked by the Catholic Herald and digging his own grave in his Telegraph blog about "Fr Kit", your position at Durham even stronger than ever, no wonder they are angry to the point of slavering, jabbering, moon-howling insanity.