Thursday, 16 June 2011

Of Vine and Grass

It did not take Jeremy Vine three minutes before he was quoting at Ed Balls that undelivered speech which can only have been leaked by David Miliband himself. Clearly, that speech - never delivered, because the man who would have delivered it had lost the election - is definitive of acceptable Labour policy in the BBC's view.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph has given over valuable space to Alan "Haze of Dope" Milburn - no longer a member of either House, and not a Minister since 2003 - to denounce the betrayal of the true Blairite faith by the abandonment of the deranged scheme to flog off the English Health Service to various companies that, as he does not mention, are now his employers.

For all its pretence to be the organ of provincial Toryism, unlike The Times, it is obvious that the unquestionable correctness of Blairism is as "self-evident" to the Daily Telegraph as it is the BBC.


  1. With your Internet presence, the select readership for this blog and the buzz around your impending forays into print, Ed is very lucky to have you on his side. If he falls, then who would you back? It could matter that tiny little bit, it did last time.

  2. That's a hypothetical question.