Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Middle Man

Ed Miliband was siding with the squeezed middle against the cuts, and he is siding with the squeezed middle against the strikes.


  1. You should be a minister in a Miliband government. If you are not an MP by then, he should give you a peerage. I'm serious. Look at the people on course for office. You are older than some of them, been politically active for three or four times as long if not more, 10 times cleverer, 100 times better read. You really get what Ed is about, you are not part of some stay behind network loyal to his brother. He knows your work, he should make use of you.

  2. With several of Ed's allies, including one of the closest, writing for one of David's forthcoming books, I think David's future looks very rosy indeed after 2015. Rosy enough for him to re-join the party? We live in hope.

  3. Neil Fleming never28 June 2011 at 20:45

    "We've got our party back!"