Friday, 30 April 2010

Sunny, But No Delight

I read The Spectator's Coffee House blog every day, and post comments there most days. Very occasionally, its contributors have been known to post comments here. But it has gone off the boil for the duration of the Election campaign, and it is not alone in that. Today, a post is entitled "Sunshine wins the day for Cameron". If he gets in, then will we have five years of this from Coffee House and the rest of the right-wing media? Oh, I do hope not.

The entire media were determined to report a Cameron victory last night, regardless of anything that might actually have happened. They have invested too many lunches in the Tory front bench to be denied Cabinet contacts in the next Parliament. And they all look very silly for having ignored the Lib Dems, thus subjecting them to no scrutiny whatever, all these years. Though none more so than the BBC. Perhaps if it had allowed the Lib Dems to speak when it felt obliged to have them on, then people might know about their bizarre and wicked policies? Then again, the BBC agrees with those policies.

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