Friday, 23 April 2010

"No Immigration From Muslim Countries"?

Define a Muslim country. The second-largest Muslim population the world is in India, although Muslims are a minority there. I for one would welcome with open arms the Christians of Orissa, whose persecutors are not Muslims, indeed whose persecutors also count Muslims among their victims. Just as I would the Christians of Darfur, whose persecutors are Muslims, although their condition has been made considerably worse by the cack-handed behaviour of the International Criminal Court.

Just as I would the Christians persecuted by Western-allied governments in Egypt and Turkey, persecuted in "liberated" Iraq, reduced to inferior citizenship in Israel, subjected to martial law on the West Bank, or bombarded along with their Muslim allies in Lebanon. And just as I would the Christian victims of Islamist expansionism and terrorism in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya.

Would I welcome the Christians of Syria or Iran? As economic migrants, yes, provided that we had the need and the room; we require both a points system and a cap system. But that would be all that they were: economic migrants, not refugees from Hindutva, or Zionism, or neocon-backed terrorism, or whatever. Nor, of course, would they claim to be.

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