Thursday, 29 April 2010

"Never Been Asked"?

Well within Gillian Duffy's adult lifetime, the British people certainly were asked directly about unrestricted immigration from, eventually, everywhere falling wholly or partly on the European Continent. Sixty-seven per cent of them ignored Tony Benn, Michael Foot and Peter Shore, and voted instead with Margaret Thatcher, who went on to give effect to that decision in the form of the Single European Act, opposed by the entire Parliamentary Labour Party.


  1. Cockney Patriot29 April 2010 at 17:00

    Yeah, they should have restricted your mother from coming over. In the 1950's people complained about the Maltese coming over, taking jobs, pimping, selling drugs and stabbing people - the advantages of immigration from the glorious Empire-Commonwealth. As bad as the EU I say!

    Same rules apply to Saints - they are even more inbred than the Malteasers!

  2. Actually, they are not inbred at all. Laest of all compared to many parts of Britain.

    Moreover, they are British Citizens, the loyalest in the world.