Monday, 28 September 2009

Iran: The Explicable Silence From China

The world’s oldest continuous civilisation understands implicitly the respect that is due to the world’s second-oldest continuous civilisation, not least when compared to a state set up within living memory on no authority except that of the ultimate globalist institution, created in surrender to (anti-British Marxist) terrorism, and built up by evicting people who had lived there for many centuries in favour of those shipped in from every corner of the earth.

Any attempted strike against Iran would be shot down by Obama’s boys in Iraq. There is no other reason why they are still there. And America owes Israel one from way back where "friendly fire" is concerned.

Little settler states created by oddballs with visions come and go regularly in human history. So do Arab princes with more money than taste, and such territories as they can lay their hands on from time to time. But Persia is for ever. Like China.


  1. In that last paragraph, you have finally turned into Taki.

  2. High praise, indeed: preferring “peace with honor to proxy wars, Western civilization to multicultural barbarism, Christendom to the European Union, and Russell Kirk to Leon Trotsky”.