Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bald Reality

Another Telegraph piece, on which comments are welcome over there:

In his attack on William Hague as a “skinhead”, Chris Huhne is expressing the national dislike of baldies which, while it may not say much for us as a nation, certainly exists. (Although I have yet to succumb, I come from a long line of them.) And the Tories’ new allies in the European Parliament should also eschew the company of William Hague. But not because he is bald. Rather, because he owes allegiance to David Cameron.

They deserve British allies like the Labour MPs who mostly voted against Heath’s Treaty of Rome. Who all voted against Thatcher’s Single European Act. And who voted against Major’s Maastricht Treaty in far greater numbers than the Tories, including, in Bryan Gould, the only resignation from either front bench in order to do so.

The Czech Civic Democrats, scourge of global warming hysteria, deserve British allies like the trade unionists who have spent decades defending the high-waged, high-skilled, high-status jobs of the working class.

The Polish Law and Justice Party deserves British allies like the Catholic and other Labour MPs, including John Smith, who fought tooth and nail against abortion and easier divorce. Like the Methodist and other Labour MPs, including John Smith, who fought tooth and nail against deregulated drinking and gambling. Like those, including John Smith, who successfully organised (especially through USDAW) against Thatcher’s and Major’s attempts to destroy the special character of Sunday and of Christmas Day, delivering the only Commons defeat of Thatcher’s Premiership. Like the trade unionists who battled to secure paternal authority in families and communities by securing its economic base in high-waged, high-skilled, high-status male employment, frequently marching behind banners that depicted Biblical scenes and characters.

The Latvian Fatherland and Freedom Party deserves British allies with deep roots in the former mining communities, in the women’s suffrage movement, in the 1945 General Election victory, and elsewhere. Some of us are unsullied by the weird cult of Winston Churchill. Instead, we can and do condemn his carve-up of Europe with Stalin.

And all three, like all the rest of their Group apart from the Tories, need those British allies in order to call them away from neoliberal economics and neoconservative foreign policy, both of which have in any case collapsed. Nothing could be more destructive of national self-government, or traditional family values, or the historical consciousness of a people. Cameron is completely signed up to both.


  1. Oh I think you are reading too much into it.
    Surely the difference between a baldy and a skinhead is that the latter conjures up a particular image.
    It would hardly be appropriate for the Liberals to denigrate the baldies when Vince Cable is a bit challenged in the hair department.

    The "Baldy" vote is much too numerous to alienate.
    Although only 25% of men reach 35 without hair loss, I myself have managed to avoid the fate of my fathers side of the family. I am unreliably informed it is dependent on the maternal line. And alas my mothers father died at an early age during WW1.

  2. Oh, yes, here as well.

    I have very Saint Helenian hair, which has to be cut every month. But even my mother cannot remember my (Scottish) father with hair, although what little he had didn't go grey until he was 60.

  3. You are sympathetic to both the Latvian Fatherland & Freedom party and an alliance with Russia?

  4. Why not? Russia is not the Soviet Union, against incorporation into which the Latvians fought, but which no longer exists.

    The one Fatherland and Freedom MEP now sits with the one from Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, which in turn incorporates the Lithuanian Union of Russians. On all sorts of levels, think on.

  5. The Civic Democrats - founded by Thatcherite disciple Vaclav Klaus who is still the party's godfather sitting up in the Hrad (Prague Castle to you and residence of the President).

    Funny sort of alliance you are advocating with the Czech Thatcherites.

  6. Yes, great post. I have also thought when I hear the annoying liberal talking heads of Britain insult East European conservatives, that the latter were really getting the raw deal of an alliance with the Tories.

  7. The Aberdonian, if they are prepared to confront the Greens of all parties head on with calls, not just for nuclear power (though certainly for that), but also for coal not dole, then an alliance is more than possible. Thatcherism is as Thatcherism does, and it certainly doesn't save or re-open pits.

    Maxime, as they will come to see, sooner rather than later.