Wednesday, 31 December 2008

That Illinois Senate Seat

It will apparently be difficult for Senate Democrats to object to the person appointed to their number by the, shall we say, outgoing Governor of Illinois, because that person is “widely respected” and because he is black.

As to being “widely respected”, not any more, he isn’t. And as to being black, the hunt is now on for a widely respected black Democrat in Illinois who can help to bridge the widening divide between Obama and the economically populist, morally and socially conservative foreign policy realists who put him in, who have already denied the Democrats a seat in Georgia (and thus the possibility of a filibuster-proof majority) because of his unacceptable appointments, and who can put him right back out again in 2012.

Right Democrat would love to hear from you –


  1. What's this about your own "recess appointment", David?

  2. I don't know what you mean.

    Seriously, I don't.

  3. Thanks, David but you are crediting me with far more clout in American politics than I have. My chances of influencing the Senate picks in Illinois or New Year are close to zero.

  4. Don't sell yourself short, RD. Your work is invaluable, and what you have always said about where, what and who was the natural Democratic majority has been proved correct. But did Obama notice? Recent appointments more than suggest not. So keep up the good work.