Tuesday, 30 December 2008

BNP Defeated

In Bangladesh, but it's a start.

Here, by contrast, the BNP is being lined up on purpose for at least nine, and possibly 12, Strasbourg seats, in order to keep certain issues off the agenda ("You sound like the BNP"), and in order to justify the further repression of the English-speaking white working class.

A bunch of Security "Service" stooges? I am beginning to suspect so.


  1. Which policies?

  2. Anything addressing loss of sovereignty, whether to the European Union, to the United States, or to global capital.

    Anything adddressing the practical consequences of that loss, from the Common Fisheries Policy, to the Iraq War, to the imported credit crunch.

    Anything addressing the importation of a new working class whose members understand no English except commands, know little or nothing about workers’ rights here, can be moved around this country at will, and can be deported if they step out of line.

    Anything addressing deference to Islam.

    Anything addressing the erosion of the traditional family and its values, not least on the airwaves in general and (because better is rightly expected of it) the BBC in particular.

    Anything addressing the proliferation of lap-dancing clubs. Anything addressing the de facto legalisation of cannabis. Anything addressing the deregulation of drinking and gambling. Anything addressing how the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service have effectively lowered the age of consent to 13.

    Anything addressing the Police not patrolling the streets. Anything addressing soft sentencing, the kind that gives rise to horrific calls for the restoration of the death penalty.

    Anything addressing the white working class has been left behind. Anything addressing the fcat that no one ever mentions manufacturing, which still accounts for more than twice the GDP of the entire financial services sector, never mind the bailout-begging City alone.

    Anything addressing the fact that the powers that be apparently cannot distinguish between the respectable working class and the characters from Shameless, so that council and housing association tenants are therefore to lose security of tenure in order for Shameless characters to be moved in next door to them, or even in place of them.

    Anything addressing the indiscipline in many schools serving the working class, the kind that gives rise to horrific calls for the restoration of the cane.

    Anything addressing the concern that Scottish devolution has never been supported by the majority of eligible voters in Scotland, yet is presented by all parties there, both as “the settled will of the Scottish people”, and as “a process rather than an event”, a “process” which can have no logical end except one massively unwanted “event”.

    Anything addressing the fact that a mere twenty-six per cent of the electorate ever supported devolution in Wales, where it is being used to entrench the rule of those who live in English-speaking areas but who speak Welsh as a cordon sanitaire.

    Anything addressing the fact that the government of Northern Ireland has been carved up between a bizarre fundamentalist sect and a fully armed, highly active terrorist organisation.

    And anything addressing the treatment of England, where there is now the kind of resentment that gives rise to crazy calls for an English Parliament, a potential BNP platform.

    These valid and well-founded concerns are very widely, deeply and strongly shared within the visible ethnic minority communities. Yet the main parties are not addressing them. So the vacuum is being filled. By the BNP.

    And when the BNP, heavily hyped by the client media, marches into Strasbourg, then these concerns will be off the mainstream political agenda once and for all. That is the plan.

  3. Are the BPA a bunch of Security Service stooges?

  4. If so, then we are the cheapest stooges that they have ever had.

    Someone is paying for the BNP, and someone in turn is paying for them.

    The powers that be desperately want to keep the things that I set out in my previous comment off the agenda for ever. And their media allies lavish coverage on the party that, in order to further entirely different and deeply repugnant agenda, purports to address those concerns, which can therefore be presented as associated with that party in all its vileness.

    The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

  5. Has Bangladesh, having fought so hard to become independent of Pakistan, just voted to become dependent on India?

  6. Not exactly. But the foundation of Bangladesh was a victory for nationalism over political Islam. Being Bengali was what mattered, not being Muslim. This election result is in the same vein.

    And, of course, there are lots of Bengalis just over the border in India, some of them among the more Muslims in India than the entire population of Pakistan.

    The reunion of Bengal within India? Eventually, perhaps. But not for a very long time.

    If it happened, though, it would be good for India, since it would be, both as an act and its consequences, a major blow to the BJP, the RSS, Shiv Sena, and all that. Of course, in principle, they want to take back the whole of "Bharat". But what would actually happen is very far indeed from what they have in mind.

  7. Let me get this right...the Government are funding the BNP to keep the BPA, or at least its policies, away from Government? Thank God you have seen through it.

  8. Someone among the great and good is funding the BNP to keep these concerns off the agenda by tarring them with the same brush as racial theory, Holocaust denial, &c, yes. Since yesterday, this has been confirmed to me beyond any doubt whatever.