Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Present Dispensation

This blog is not enamoured of David Miliband, and was aghast at Gordon Brown's failure to sack him for his treachery over the summer.

Milly, lest we forget, had a birthright place at Oxford because he was Ralph Miliband's son (the only thing for which he is remotely notable), yet nevertheless also availed himself, from one of those pseudo-comprehensives which are in fact socio-economically the most exclusive schools in the country, of an ILEA special access scheme, also effectively controlled by his father. Silly, yes. But also very, very nasty.

However, just as both Labour and Tory former Cabinet Ministers are among those who have told me to my face not to blog, even in jest, about any scheme to conscript our least accomplished 16-year-old boys directly into the Israeli Defence Force ("If the wrong person reads that, then it will happen" - and they were not joking), so both Labour and Tory former Cabinet Ministers are among those who have told me to my face that, yes, "everyone" knows that David Miliband is a joint British-Israeli citizen.

Well, under the current circumstances, that might not be such a bad thing. Having an Israeli - a classic secular Ashkenazi nationalist who has a Marxist background - as Foreign Secretary might be just the balance that we need to a Prime Minister (although I must get in a good word about his reiteration today of his opposition to assisted suicide) who appears to be a Dispensationalist.

That is not as improbable as it sounds: if anything, it is "Christian Zionism" among the more-or-less Pentecostal that is bizarre; J N Darby came out of the Calvinistic wing of the Church of Ireland, and C I Scofield was a Congregationalist.

Up to a point, you can negotiate with a classic secular Ashkenazi nationalist who has a Marxist background. But you cannot negotiate at all with a Dispensationalist, who in any case only wants all the Jews to be gathered together in one place so that they can be destroyed.


  1. At least Brown is honest. Obama proved that you can win first the Democratic nomination and then the Presidency itself by running against the Israel Lobby. Then who did he appoint? Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel. What a betrayal.

  2. The Scots have a long history of seeing themselves as a covenated people, like Israel of old. Same with the Afrikaaners, also very pro-Israeli. And same with the very pro-Israeli Sctch-Irish both in Ulster and in the United States. It's a Calvinist thing.

  3. Yes, but there can only be one covenanted people at a time. The New and Everlasting Israel is the Church. Simply phrased like that, this is as much a Calvinist principle as a Catholic one.

    It is of course a good thing for a people to wish to live in a covenant relationship with God. But the covenant in which it must therefore participate is that with, in, through and as God's Israel, the Church.

  4. Anonymous, yes, Obama then went and appointed Emanuel and Clinton anyway. But that was before this. And he is the President (who wants a second term), not either of them.