Sunday, 21 December 2008

Goodbye, Christmas Friend

To Croat children, he is Dred Božinjak, Father Christmas. To Serb children, he is Božik Bata, Christmas Friend. And to Bosnian Muslim children, he has been, for the last fifty years, Deda Mraz, Grandfather Frost, who comes round to schools and distributes presents.

But no more.

Or, at least, not in the state schools of Sarajevo for this white-bearded figure in a garb clearly modelled on that of an Orthodox bishop, although apparently he was invented by the Croats. And his clothes are red and white, leading one to question the veracity of the claim that the obviously related figure in Anglophonia, though certainly green at one time, was only turned red by Coca Cola.

I have had fierce debates here and elsewhere because I have never tired of pointing out the strongly Islamist character of Bosnian secessionism. Well, how much more proof do you need? Indeed, reports relating to this story now take it for granted, as well they might and should.

The present Bosnian entity is the creation, and the living continuation of the personality, of a Saudi-funded Wahhabi rabble-rouser who, moreover, had been typical of his people in his Nazi activities in the Forties. These two strands, which were related both in the Forties and in the Nineties, come together in the erosion of Christmas, which the Nazis also tried to do in Germany, even if without any success.

Expect these schools, and other public institutions, to enforce Islamic dress codes, dietary laws and so forth in the very near future.

The Republika Srpska will declare independence sooner rather than later, and will deserve every support when she does. The Bosnian Croats are also coming round. The West backed the wrong side in Bosnia, as also in Kosovo, where the Wahhabism and the Nazi nostalgia are mixed in with heroin-trafficking, prostitution and Maoism (which seems to be all over the place under Western patronage – Kosovo, Nepal, Rwanda, lately running Portugal and now running the European Commission).

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