Friday, 28 November 2008

"Restrict" This

The Methodist Church Hall here in the delightful country town of Lanchester is much used by the local community, but is in urgent need of repair.

The (soon to be abolished) District Council’s officers are adamant that no help can be made available due to the “restrictive” covenant that prohibits both alcohol and gambling either on the premises or in fundraising.

I therefore propose that Croft View Hall rename itself “Croft View Mosque”, and appeal to the Council for the money, ostensibly for a dome and four minarets, on the understanding that there can be neither alcohol nor gambling either on the premises or in fundraising.


  1. Nice to see you adopting the language, and sense of humour, of the BNP.

  2. There is nothing humorous about it. A mosque would not be treated like this.

    Britain is due a religious revival as once she experienced the rise of Methodism, but at the current rate it will be an Islamic one.

    There are already far more White British Muslims than you might think, and Islam is spreading like wild fire among young Afro-Caribbeans.

    In several parts of the country, Nonconformist chapels from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are already having domes and minarets built onto them.

  3. Thank you Anonymous - you took the words out of my mouth - it is well-known locally, of course, about the BNP's plans for David. In fact they are lining him up to be the "mixed race" face on their local leaflets in an attempt to hide their racist views.